Soli Deo Gloria

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“Jesus’ True Family are Repenters” Matthew 12:38-50

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 12:38-50 “Jesus’ True Family are Repenters” Big Idea: Truly repent and be found in Jesus’ family. Application: Jesus’ authority demands that if we have any loves in our life that would compete with our Christ’s love for us and our love for Him that it must be put aside in our hearts. Sermon…

“Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit” Matthew 12:22-32

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 12:22-32 “Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit” Big Idea: God’s kingdom has come in Jesus Christ. Be found in His kingdom by repentance and faith in the gospel. Application: Pray that God would give assurance to His people that they are His, and that we would take heed to God’s warning for…

“Jesus Demonstrates His Power” Matthew 8:1-9:38

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 8:1-9:38 “Jesus Demonstrates His Power” Big Idea: Jesus demonstrates His miraculous power to prove that He has authority to forgive sins and usher in the kingdom of heaven. Application: Respond to this passage by falling before the majesty of God, acknowledging your weaknesses and sins. Ask God to make you increasingly conscious of…

“Jesus Is King” Matthew 7:28-29

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 7:28-29 “Jesus Is King” Big Idea: Jesus’ authoritative teaching requires everyone to bow in humility before Him in repentance and faith. Application: Don’t be merely astonished by Jesus’ authority, bow down to His rule by turing from embracing yourself as king and submitting to Him as King. Sermon Outline 1. Astonishment is…

“My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” Psalm 22:1-31

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 22:1-31 “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” Theme/Big Idea: God’s king faced abandonment in order to save the world. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Ask God to open our eyes to the reality that King Jesus was forsaken by God for His people, so that if we would turn from our sin and trust…

“Save the King” Psalm 20:1-9

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 20:1-9 “Save the King” Theme/Big Idea: God’s people trust in His promises to their king. Aim/Appropriation/Application: God is worthy of your trust, turn from relying on anything other than Him. Outline: God’s people… (1) Prayed for their King (2) Prayed with Trust in God’s Name (3) Prayed with Trust in God’s Promise (4)…

“God Is the Eternal King” Psalm 10:1-18

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 10:1-18 “God Is the Eternal King” Theme/Big Idea: God won’t let suffering and injustice last forever. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Go to God with your difficulties, and put your hope in His eternal rule when trials come. Outline: (1) God’s People Take Their Questions to God (Psalm 10:1) (2) God’s People Take Their Complaints to God (Psalm 10:2-11)…

“God’s King Has Dominion” Psalm 8:1-9

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 8:1-9 “God’s King Has Dominion” Theme/Big Idea: God’s people give Him praise for His majestic name in creating man and  fulfilling His promise of giving dominion in Jesus Christ. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Grow in praise of Yahweh for His majesty displayed in the heavens and in all the earth, and in crowning humanity with glory…

“How Pride Works” Daniel 4:1-37

Theme: God rules and we don’t.
Aim: Take up your cross and follow Jesus Christ.
(1) Good News (Daniel 4:1-3)
(2) Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (Daniel 4:4-18)
(3) Bad News (Daniel 4:19-27)
(4) God’s Word Fullfilled (Daniel 4:28-33)
(5) The Fruit of God’s Word (Daniel 4:34-37)

“War of Kings” Daniel 2:1-49

Theme: Our fears are removed as we trust in Jesus Christ, the King of kings.
Aim: Reject the kings of this world, and to have Christ as your king.
(1) Worldly Kingdoms Cower in Fear (Daniel 2:1-13)
(2) God Alone Reveals Truth (Daniel 2:14-23)
(3) King Jesus Crushes our Fears (Daniel 2:24-49)