“Save the King” Psalm 20:1-9

“Save the King” Psalm 20:1-9

An Expositional Sermon
Psalm 20:1-9
“Save the King”

Theme/Big Idea: God’s people trust in His promises to their king.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: God is worthy of your trust, turn from relying on anything other than Him.

God’s people…
(1) Prayed for their King
(2) Prayed with Trust in God’s Name
(3) Prayed with Trust in God’s Promise
(4) Jesus Is God’s Answer to Their Prayers
(5) Put Your Trust in Jesus Christ

Questions for Further Study and Application:

(1) What is worthy of your trust? Is God? Why or why not?
(2) Who is the “you” in the prayer of Psalm 20:1-4? See verses 6 and 9
(3) Why aren’t the “you’s” in verses 1-4 about you and me?
(4) What’s the significance that the choirmaster leads the congregation in singing a prayer for God’s anointed king?
(5) Is this a song that is only about David? How is this song about King David’s greater Son, Jesus Christ?
(6) How are we as Christians like the Israelites in verses 5 and 7-9?
(7) How is the posture of waiting for God to fulfill His promises of and to His king similar and different between the Jews then and Christians now? What was Israel waiting for in this text? What are Christians waiting for as exiles in this world?
(8) How would you describe Israel’s trust in God’s name? Why was His name reliable?
(9) How is the fact that Israel wasn’t to trust in horses and chariots connected to what God commanded His people after the Exodus in Deuteronomy 17:14-15a? In the Deuteronomy text why weren’t they to go after horses, many wives, and excessive silver and gold?
(10) How is Jesus Christ the perfect fulfillment of this text?
(11) Can you outline at least fourteen desires and supplications of Jesus Christ in John 17 that we ought to pray that God would, “grant Jesus’ heart’s desire,” and, “fulfill all Christ’s petitions”? What are the many things in the New Testament that Jesus prayed for? Do you long to see Christ’s desires and petitions made complete? See also Hebrews 5:7.
(12) How is Jesus Christ the perfect fulfillment of God remembering, “all the king’s offerings and regard with favor the king’s burnt sacrifices”? How is the offering and sacrifice of Christ greater than the sacrifices that the mere human kings that preceded Him on the Davidic throne offered before leading Israel’s army into battle?
(13) What and who was Christ’s enemy? How was His enemy different than the nations that came up against Israel?
(14) As we wait for the final fulfillment of God’s promises in the second coming of Jesus Christ what is the battle that we face, and how has our King Jesus gone out before us to fight for us?