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“No King But Ceasar?” John 19:1-16

Here’s the big idea of the text: Jesus suffered to save us. (1) Jesus Was Innocent (John 19:1-6); (2) Who Do You Fear? (John 19:7-11); and (3) Who Is Your King? (John 19:12-16a). It’s my prayer that as we look at this plain historical account of Jesus’s suffering that God would enable us to trust that this was for your and my sins.

“Christ the King” John 18:28-40

Big Idea: Trust in Jesus Christ as King over all. Outline:1. King Crucified by Gentiles (John 18:28-32)2. King of the Jews (John 18:33-34)3. King Not from this World (John 18:35-36)4. King of Truth (John 18:37-38a)5. King Who Is Rejected (John 18:38b-40) It’s my prayer that as we look at this text God would help us to understand what kind of a king Jesus is and to humbly put our trust in Him.