Soli Deo Gloria

You may be new to the Christian faith, or maybe you’ve been a Christian and you’re simply new to our church.

If you are new to the Christian faith, please send us an email here. We are an assembly of people called, marked out and collected together by God through the power of His gospel. We are sinners who daily long for Christ our King. We are sojourners and refugees walking through this world with our eyes fixed upon our hope, joy, and treasure –  Jesus Christ. The good news of His perfect life, death, and resurrection as a substitute for His people – sinners like us – is the life-blood of our church. Though we are often weak and wounded, we walk with joy because of our glorious Lord and Savior. To learn more about the gospel click here and here. To learn more about how we think about the church click here. Websites are great, but the best way to get to know us is by coming to our gatherings and seeing each other face to face.

If you are new to our church, again, please contact us here. If you have questions about who we are, give us a call. You can read a general overview of who we are here. Click here to read about where and when we gather. Click here to see an overview of our children’s ministry. We hope that God might use our church to encourage your growth in the gospel and in your love for Christ and His bride, the church.