Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Pleasure

“Blessed Is He Who Waits & Arrives” Daniel 12:1-13

An Expositional Sermon Daniel 12:1-13 “Blessed Is He Who Waits & Arrives” Big Idea/Theme: God will bring history to a close in final judgment adjudging the wicked to endless punishment and the righteous to endless joy. Application/Aim: Pray that God would preserve us to the end and that in the face of trials and persecutions each of…

“What Does It Take to Reject God?” Mark 6:1-29

Theme: Rejecting God consists in offense and unbelief toward God, a lack of love for God’s people, not listening to the Bible, refusing to repent, and pursuing unsatisfying pleasures.
Aim: See your unbelief, ask God to strengthen your faith, and trust in His ability to powerfully save you from the posture of underestimating that Jesus is mighty and true.
Here’s how we reject God…
(1) Be Offended & Don’t Believe in Jesus (Mark 6:1-6)
(2) 3 “Do Nots” (Mark 6:7-13)
a. Don’t Love God’s People (vv. 7-11, especially 11)
b. Don’t Listen to the Apostles/Bible (vv. 7-11, especially 11)
c. Don’t Turn from Your Sin (v. 12)
(3) Ignore Who the Bible Says Jesus Is (Mark 6:14-16)
(4) Pursue Weak Fleeting Pleasures (Mark 6:17-29)