Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Eternal Kingdom

“Judgment of the Ancient of Days” Daniel 7:15-28

Theme: God will give His people His kingdom forever.
Aim: Don’t despair in the face of suffering, persevere in waiting for Christ knowing that God keeps us firm in His grip and will finally and fully give us His kingdom.
(1) God’s People React to God’s Word (Daniel 7:15-16)
(2) God’s People Receive God’s Kingdom Forever (Daniel 7:17-18)
(3) God’s People Are At War (Daniel 7:19-25)
(4) God Gives His People All Dominion (Daniel 7:26-28)

“God Most High – Ancient of Days” Daniel 7:1-12

Theme: God is sovereign over all and will judge the nations.
Aim: Be comforted and consoled as God’s people as we walk in exile in this world. The world will persecute you, and seek to destroy you, the world will lash out at God by coming against His people. If you trust in Christ that doesn’t mean you will live “your best life now.” Life here may not get easier if you trust in Christ, but your hope for God’s eternal kingdom will squelch out the empty promises of this fallen world. We will suffer, life will not be easy for God’s people in this world, but God’s perfect justice and judgment is coming. And He will usher His people into His eternal kingdom.
(1) God Reveals (Daniel 7:1-3)
(2) God Has Enemies (Daniel 7:4-8)
(3) God Judges & Destroys His Enemies (Daniel 7:9-12)