Christ Is King, Servant and Conqueror

Christ Is King, Servant and Conqueror

“There Is No Peace for the Wicked” Isaiah 56:1-57:21

This is the big idea of the text: Jesus Christ  alone graciously gives eternal peace and rest to His people. (1) Happy Is the Man Who Keeps the Sabbath (Isaiah 56:1-8)(2) The Fake Happiness of Blind Leaders and Idols (Isaiah 56:9-57:13)(3) Our Hearts are Restless Until we Find rest in Christ (Isaiah 57:14-21)

“God’s People Have Eternal Happiness” Isaiah 50:1-51:23

Here’s the big idea or main point of the text: There are only two ways to live and only one leads to eternal happiness. (1) There Are Two Ways to Live (Isaiah 50:1-11)(2) God’s Servant Saves by Suffering (Isaiah 50:4-9)(3) Eden, Exodus to Eternal Happiness, Comfort and Judgment of Enemies  (Isaiah 51:1-23).A. Eden Restored in Christ (Isaiah 51:1-11)B. A New Exodus in Christ to Eternal Happiness and Joy (Isaiah 51:9-11)C. Eternal Comfort (Isaiah 51:12-16)D. God Will Judge His Peoples’ Enemies…

“God’s People Have the Light to the Nations” Isaiah 49:1-26

Here’s the main point, or the “big idea”: Jesus is the light of the world that makes us shine, overcomes the darkness of despair, and calls all to repentance. (1) Servant: God’s Servant is Glorious Light (Isaiah 49:1-6)(2) People: Reflecting the Light of God’s Glory (Isaiah 49:7-13)(3) Promise: The only thing that can overcome the darkness of despair (Isaiah 49:14-21)(4) Choice: There is a choice that each of us must make (Isaiah 49:22-26)

“Only God Is Able to Redeem & Deliver” Isaiah 44:1-48:22

Main Point/Big Idea: God is a sovereign king who alone can save us from the world, our sin and His wrath. 1. God Alone Is King2. God Alone Is Sovereign3. Idolatry is Folly4. God Alone Is Savior Pray that God would break out enchantment with the things of this world and fix our desire upon Him alone that our hope might not be deferred (Cf. Proverbs 13:12; Palm 37:4)

“God’s Chosen Servant” Isaiah 42:1-43:28

Big Idea/Main Point: We need God’s servant, Jesus Christ, to save us. 1. See (Isa. 42:1-9)… See that Jesus is the Lord’s Chosen Servant.2. Sing (Isa. 42:10-17)… Sing with the nations at the coming of His servant.3. Hear & Look (Isa. 42:18-25)… Hear & look at the reality of God’s judgment.4. Don’t Fear (Isa. 43:1-7)… God’s loving discipline will not overcome the New Covenant.5. Gather/Assemble (Isa. 43:8-28)… Gather/assemble to proclaim the truth of God’s Word & forgiveness for sins. Pray…

“The Arrogance of Kings” Isaiah 36:1-37:38

Big Idea: Beware of the arrogance that leads to a distrust of God’s promises. (1) You Can Trust God (Isaiah 36:1-21)(2) Seek Rest from Threats in God’s Word (Isaiah 36:22-37:7)(3) God’s Word Does Not Deceive You (Isaiah 37:8-13)(4) Seek Safety by Going to God in Prayer (Isaiah 37:14-20)(5) God Saves Judah (Isaiah 37:21-38). There is a battle on for our souls and the arrogant kings of this world under the power of Satan will not overcome the kingly dominion God.

“God Is Just & Gracious” Isaiah 30:1-35:10

Big Idea: God’s perfect justice and grace meet in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 1. If We Are Faithless He Remains Faithful (Isaiah 30:1-33) 2. God Is Just and Gracious (Isaiah 31:1-32:20; 34:1-35:10)A. God Is Just (Isaiah 31:1-9; 32:9-20; 34:1-17)B. God Is Gracious (Isaiah 32:1-8; 35:1-10) 3. Wait for the Lord: Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord’s Grace in Christ (Isaiah 33:1-24)– What active waiting for God’s promised future grace looks like…– Or, how to fight the temptation toward spiritual…