Soli Deo Gloria

“God’s People Have Eternal Happiness” Isaiah 50:1-51:23

Here’s the big idea or main point of the text: There are only two ways to live and only one leads to eternal happiness.
(1) There Are Two Ways to Live (Isaiah 50:1-11)
(2) God’s Servant Saves by Suffering (Isaiah 50:4-9)
(3) Eden, Exodus to Eternal Happiness, Comfort and Judgment of Enemies  (Isaiah 51:1-23).
A. Eden Restored in Christ (Isaiah 51:1-11)
B. A New Exodus in Christ to Eternal Happiness and Joy (Isaiah 51:9-11)
C. Eternal Comfort (Isaiah 51:12-16)
D. God Will Judge His Peoples’ Enemies (Isaiah 51:17-23)