Sermons on Later New Testament Epistles

Sermons on Later New Testament Epistles

“Be Subject & Honor in Marriage” 1 Peter 3:1-7

Big idea: Freedom in Christ looks submitting to God’s good design in sex, gender and marriage. 1. Sex, Gender and Marriage 2. Wives Be Subject to Your Own Husbands(1 Peter 3:1-6)3. Husbands Live in and Understanding Way With Wives Showing Honor (1 Peter 3:7)

“Submit to Earthly Masters” 1 Peter 2:18-25

Big Idea: A person who submits to God’s judgment submits to earthly masters. (1) Submit to Your Boss (1 Peter 2:18-20)3 Caveatsa. Don’t submit to sinb. Keep your employment promisesc. Pursue work that enables faithfulness in the home, church & community. (2) Jesus Submitted to Unjust Suffering as an Example to Us (1 Peter 2:21-23)(3) Jesus Submitted to Unjust Suffering to Accomplish Our Salvation (1 Peter 2:24-25)

“Fake Wisdom vs. Real Wisdom” James 3:13-18

An Expositional Sermon James 3:13-18 “Fake Wisdom vs. Real Wisdom” Outline: (1) Show Your Faith by Your Works (James 3:13) (2) Fake Wisdom & Its Fruit (James 3:14-16) (3) Real Wisdom & Its Fruit (James 3:17) (4) We Will Reap a Harvest of Eternal Life if We do not Give Up (James 3:18; cf. Gal. 6:9)

“Favoritism vs. Love” James 2:1-13

An Expositional Sermon James 2:1-13 “Favoritism vs. Love” Theme/Big Idea: We are free through Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would grow us to be merciful because we know His powerful mercy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Outline: (1) Beware of Partiality & Judgmental Distinctions (James 2:1-4) (2) Love Because of God’s Promise of an Inheritance (James 2:5-7) (3) Live As Those Who Are to be Judged Under the Law of Liberty (James 2:8-13)

“Blessed Are the Steadfast in Trials” James 1:12-18

An Expositional Sermon James 1:12-18 “Blessed Are the Steadfast in Trials” Theme/Big Idea: God brings forth his people by the gospel, so remain steadfast. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would help us to remain steadfast in our love for God, because He has first loved us by sending His Son to die for us. Pray that God would help us fight our unbelief in trials with the truth that God is good and that He is unchangeably able to save. Outline: (1) Blessed…

“Wise Boasting in Trials” James 1:5-11

An Expositional Sermon James 1:5-11 “Wise Boasting in Trials” Theme/Big Idea: Fight for joy in trials by asking God for help and boasting in Christ. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would preserve us and strengthen us to fight for faith as we sojourn through this broken world, keeping our eyes fixed upon Christ. Outline: (1) Ask God for Help (James 1:5) (2) Fight Your Doubts in God (James 1:6-8) (3) Boast in Christ (James 1:9-11)

“Joy in Trials” James 1:1-4

An Expositional Sermon James 1:1-4 “Joy in Trials” Theme/Big Idea: We have joy in the midst of our trials because Christ has overcome the world. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would strengthen each of us to run the race that He has marked out for us with perseverance and joy that comes from the knowledge that God has reconciled us to Himself through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Outline: (1) We Are in Exile (James 1:1) (2) We Face Trials (James 1:2) (3) Respond…

“Bring Each Other Back” James 1:1-5:20 (Overview)

An Expositional Sermon James 1:1-5:20 “Bring Each Other Back” Theme/Big Idea: Christians turn and bring sinners back from wandering on the path of dead faith for the salvation of each other’s souls. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Turn from the temptation to turn from the narrow way that leads to eternal life – the gospel of Jesus Christ – and seek to bring others to the way, the truth and the life that is only found in Jesus. Outline: 2 Threats to the Christian Walk and…

“Remain Steadfast Like Job” James 5:11

An Expositional Sermon James 5:11 “Remain Steadfast Like Job” Theme/Big Idea: Run the race marked out before us with endurance. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Sojourn as a refugee Christian in this world with the steadfastness of Job in the certain hope of Jesus Christ’s return. Outline: (1) This World Is Not Our Home (2) Endure Even as Job Endured (3) The Purpose of the Lord Is to Show His Compassion & Mercy (4) Persevere in the Gospel