Refuge In Our Weakness

Refuge In Our Weakness

“Great Is the Lord” Psalm 145:1-21

Theme: The Lord is great and greatly to be praised. Aim: Speak the praise of the Lord for He is great. (1) Christians Worship God (Psalm 145:1-3) (2) Christians Commend God’s Work (Psalm 145:4-7) (3) Christians Exult in God’s Grace Together (Psalm 145:8-13) (4) Christians Cry to God in Pain (Psalm 145:14-20) (5) Christians Are Resolved (Psalm 145:21)

“Shield Me, Lord” Psalm 144:1-15

Theme: God is the sovereign protector of His people. Aim: Pray that God would shape our church like this: Humble trust in God > Issuing to humble authority > leading strength in our church > trusting in God as our Shield and sovereign Protector > leading to blessedness. (1) God Is Our Strength (Psalm 144:1-2) (2) We Don’t Deserve God (Psalm 143:3-6) (3) God Is a Warrior (Psalm 144:5-8) (4) God’s Protection Leads to Worship (Psalm 144:9-11) (5) God’s People Are Blessed (Psalm 144:12-15)

“Satisfy Me, Lord” Psalm 143:1-12

Theme: God satisfies His people in justification, His past and future grace, and His covenant love. Aim: Is David’s satisfaction yours? “Where should you run in your trials? Where can you find satisfaction?” (1) God’s Power to Justify (Psalm 143:1-2) (2) God’s Grace in the Past (Psalm 143:3-6) (3) God’s Grace in the Future (Psalm 143:7-10) (4) God’s Covenant Love For His People (Psalm 143:11-12)

“Protect Me, Lord” Psalm 142:1-7

Theme: God is our portion and He is our protection. Aim: Let David’s prayer be ours.
 (1) Cry and Plead to God (Psalm 142:1) (2) Complain to God (Psalm 142:2) (3) God Is Our Refuge (Psalm 142:3-4) (4) God is Our Protection (Psalm 142:5-7)

“Deliver Me, Lord” Psalm 140:1-13

Theme: God is our hope of salvation in the face of evil and wickedness. Aim: Be encouraged that God is more powerful than what comes against us, and praise God that He is more powerful than our sin and our wickedness. (1) Prayer for Deliverance and Defense (Psalm 140:1-3) (2) The Lord Is the Strength of Our Salvation (Psalm 140:6-8) (3) Prayer for God to Judge the Wicked (Psalm 140:9-13) (4) Christ is the Fulfillment of this Psalm

“Search Me, Lord” Psalm 139:1-24

Theme: God sees and knows all, is everywhere, all powerful, and He loves His people. Aim: Let the knowledge that God searches and knows our hearts lead to our humble invitation for Him to search our hearts, and to lead us to everlasting life through faith in Christ. Encounter… (1) God’s Omniscience (Psalm 139:1-6) (2) God’s Omnipresence (Psalm 139:7-12) (3) God’s Omnipotence (Psalm 139:13-18) This leads to the desire to… (4) Separate from the world & from sin (Psalm 139:19-24)

“Thank You, Lord” Psalm 138:1-8

Theme: God is worthy of our thanks and praise because of who He is and because of what He has done. Aim: It’s my prayer that God will bind us up with these truths, and that whether it’s the events of this week, or some other trial we are facing, that we will take refuge in Jesus Christ alone. (1) Individual Thanks (Psalm 138:1-3) (2) Corporate Thanks (Psalm 138:4-6) (3) The Source of Thanks (Psalm 138:7-8)