Soli Deo Gloria

“Thank You, Lord” Psalm 138:1-8

An Expositional Sermon
David’s particular experience here was of God’s salvation, but for the specific purpose of establishing His throne in fulfillment of His words, His promise to David. The gospel of Christ coming through His family and his throne. God delivered David from the wrath of his enemies and preserved his life. God always finishes what He starts. God’s people persevere, but it isn’t because of their effort alone. Behind the perseverance of the saints is the God who preserves His people to the end. We cling to God tightly, but our security isn’t in our strength but in everlasting unbreakable arms. The King James Version puts it this way, “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” That’s the hope of God’s people, that though we face trials, we know that God will use them for our good and His glory (Gen. 50; Rom. 8:28). From rejection by friends, to people trying to undermine us, to feeling like there is no justice in this world, whatever it might be. God will take the pain of His people and use it to fulfill His purposes toward us. We may not be able to see how what we are going through could be used for our good and His glory, but God will perfect the things that concern His children. Preach this truth to yourself when you can’t see a way forward. For those who are part of God’s covenant people, our trials are not meaningless. Our pain is not unknown. Our weakness is not without end. There we see God’s covenant “chesed” or steadfast love again. And look at how long it lasts – forever – eternally into the future. It never stops. God’s love is unstoppable to His people. No one can conquer God’s love to His people. No one can pry us out of the grip of His hand. And though we face pain, and even persecution and death, God will work to bring it to a certain end, completing even these things and in them lifting our eyes from the empty things of this world and setting them on the substance of our King – great King David’s greater Son – Jesus Christ.