Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

“Jesus Is True Israel” Matthew 2:15

Big Idea/Main Point: Jesus Christ is God’s faithful servant where Adam and Israel failed, and He’s saving weak sinners like us to serve Him in worship and proclaiming the gospel. 1. God’s Unfaithful Servant Adam & Israel (Rom. 5:12; Genesis 3; Isaiah 42:18-25)2. God’s Faithful Servant Jesus Christ as the 2nd Adam & Israel (Matt. 2:15; Hosea 11:1; Exod. 4:22-23; Rom. 5:14; 1 Cor. 15:45)3. God’s Weak but Spirit-Empowered Servant in the Church– Believing ethnic Israel (the remnant) is true…

“Make Disciples as You Go to All Nations” Matthew 28:16-20

An Expositional SermonMatthew 28:16-20“Make Disciples as You Go to All Nations” Big Idea: Jesus uses his authority to command, authorize and deputize His people to make disciples.Application: Submit to Christ’s rule and proclaim the gospel. (1) Respond to Jesus with Worship & Trust(2) Jesus Has All Authority(3) Jesus Uses His Authority to Command His People to Make Disciples(4) Immersing & Teaching(5) The Precious Promise of Jesus is With Us

“Resurrection” Matthew 28:1-15

An Expositional SermonMatthew 28:1-15“Resurrection” Big Idea: Jesus rose again from the dead.Application: Trust that Jesus’ resurrection happened and secured the justification His people. (1) A Trustworthy Account of the Third Day, The First Day of the Week(2) Jesus Rose from the Dead(3) More than Just Disciples Witnessed the Resurrection(4) Jesus Resurrection Frees us to Love God, Fight Sin and Love Our Neighbor

“Crucifixion” Matthew 27:32-50

An Expositional SermonMatthew 27:32-50“Crucifixion” Big Idea: Jesus was crucified for His people’s forgiveness.Application: Repent and believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. (1) Jesus Was Forsaken by Men for His People(2) Jesus Was Forsaken by God for His Peoplea. Darknessb. Forsakenc. Passive & Active Obedienced. What the Cross Accomplished

“King of the Jews” Matthew 27:27-31

An Expositional SermonMatthew 27:27-31“King of the Jews” Big Idea: God is glorified in Jesus Christ’s suffering for the forgiveness of sins for His people.Application: Repent and believe in Jesus Christ to find forgiveness for your sin. (1) Jesus Christ Was Coronated as King Through Suffering(2) Are We Any Better? a. Pilate’s Self-Deceived Innocence b. Pilate’s Soldiers Make Jesus Into a Joke(3) Jesus Suffered for the Forgiveness of Our Sins

“Denied & Betrayed” Matthew 26:30-75

An Expositional SermonMatthew 26:30-75“Jesus Was Denied & Betrayed” Big Idea: Jesus was denied and betrayed so that we might be accepted and embraced.Application: Repent and believe in Jesus Christ to find forgiveness for your sin of denial and betrayal of God. Jesus was…(1) …Sorrowful & Troubled (Matt. 26:30-44)(2) …Betrayed and Arrested (Matt. 26:45-60)(3) …Slandered, Spit Upon & Struck (Matt. 26:61-68)(4) …Denied (Matthew 26:69-75) Jesus is…(5) …Our High Priest

“The One Who Perseveres to the End Will Be Saved” Matthew 24:1-35

An Expositional SermonMatthew 24:1-35“The One Who Perseveres to the End Will Be Saved” Big Idea: Jesus is coming again so persevere trusting the gospel in the face of tribulation.Application: Take Jesus as his word and believe in Him. (1) Have More Awe for God More Than for Things in this World (Matthew 24:1-3)(2) Persevere in the Face of Persecution (Matthew 24:4-28)(3) No One Will Miss The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:15-28)(4) Use Your Life to Prepare for Jesus…