Soli Deo Gloria

“Denied & Betrayed” Matthew 26:30-75

An Expositional Sermon
Matthew 26:30-75
“Jesus Was Denied & Betrayed”

Big Idea: Jesus was denied and betrayed so that we might be accepted and embraced.
Application: Repent and believe in Jesus Christ to find forgiveness for your sin of denial and betrayal of God.

Jesus was…
(1) …Sorrowful & Troubled (Matt. 26:30-44)
(2) …Betrayed and Arrested (Matt. 26:45-60)
(3) …Slandered, Spit Upon & Struck (Matt. 26:61-68)
(4) …Denied (Matthew 26:69-75)

Jesus is…
(5) …Our High Priest