Soli Deo Gloria

“God Is Just & Gracious” Isaiah 30:1-35:10

Big Idea: God’s perfect justice and grace meet in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1. If We Are Faithless He Remains Faithful (Isaiah 30:1-33)

2. God Is Just and Gracious (Isaiah 31:1-32:20; 34:1-35:10)
A. God Is Just (Isaiah 31:1-9; 32:9-20; 34:1-17)
B. God Is Gracious (Isaiah 32:1-8; 35:1-10)

3. Wait for the Lord: Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord’s Grace in Christ (Isaiah 33:1-24)
– What active waiting for God’s promised future grace looks like…
– Or, how to fight the temptation toward spiritual laziness…
1. Trusting God will destroy our three-fold enemy (Isaiah 33:1)
2. Praying continually for God to be gracious to us (Isaiah 33:2-4)
3. Acknowledging that God alone is our stability in a world of sinking sand (Isaiah 33:5-6)
4. Acknowledging that God rules (Isaiah 33:4-5)
5. Treasuring the abundance of salvation, wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word as it culminates in Christ (Isaiah 33:5-6)
6. Reminding yourself of how the promises of this wold so often come up short (Isaiah 33:7-9)
7. Acknowledging God’s coming wrath for those who refuse to repent and believe in Jesus Christ… Acknowledging the reality of hell (Isaiah 33:10-12)
8. Continually remembering that only those clothed in the alien righteousness of Christ are able to dwell in with the one true and living God who is a consuming fire (Isaiah 33:13-16)
9. Submitting to Christ as King by His power to be able to forgive us for our sins (Isaiah 33:17-24)