"grace" Tagged Sermons

"grace" Tagged Sermons

“God Is Just & Gracious” Isaiah 30:1-35:10

Big Idea: God’s perfect justice and grace meet in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 1. If We Are Faithless He Remains Faithful (Isaiah 30:1-33) 2. God Is Just and Gracious (Isaiah 31:1-32:20; 34:1-35:10)A. God Is Just (Isaiah 31:1-9; 32:9-20; 34:1-17)B. God Is Gracious (Isaiah 32:1-8; 35:1-10) 3. Wait for the Lord: Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord’s Grace in Christ (Isaiah 33:1-24)– What active waiting for God’s promised future grace looks like…– Or, how to fight the temptation toward spiritual…

“Lord, Make Us Last” Matthew 20:1-34

An Expositional SermonMatthew 20:1-34“Lord, Make Us Last” Big Idea: Jesus Christ became first by becoming last so that in Him sinners like us could be counted first by His grace alone.Application: Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus Christ. The principle that the “last of this world will be first in the Christ’s kingdom” and that the “first in this world will be last in Christ’s kingdom”…(1) Teaches A Vision for Kingdom Citizenship (Matthew 20:1-16)(2) Points us to Jesus…

“God Is a Stronghold for the Oppressed” Psalm 9:1-20

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 9:1-20 “God Is a Stronghold for the Oppressed” Theme/Big Idea: God’s people respond to God with thanks, trust, telling, asking for God’s grace, acknowledging His judgment, and asking Him to not let men prevail Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pursue maturity in Christ by responding to God in the 5 ways listed below in the outline. Outline: (1) Give Thanks and Praise to God (Psalm 9:1-2) (2) Put Your Trust in God (Psalm 9:3-10) (3) Tell God’s Deeds Among the Peoples (Psalm 9:11-12) (4) Ask for…

“Faithfulness & Fruitfulness” Daniel 1:8-21

Theme: As we live in this world we are resolved to love God more than the world Aim: Find comfort in God’s power to keep us, and that because of Christ we would be encouraged to be faithful, even as we walk as pilgrims in this world longing for the great revealing of our home in the Jerusalem from above (Gal. 4:26; Rev. 21:1-8). Persevere in faithfulness as we wait for our home with God forever. (1) Faithfulness, Resolved Resistance (Daniel 1:8-10) (2) God Gives (Daniel 1:11-17) (3) Fruitfulness, God’s Grace in Perseverance (Daniel 1:18-21)

“Shield Me, Lord” Psalm 144:1-15

Theme: God is the sovereign protector of His people. Aim: Pray that God would shape our church like this: Humble trust in God > Issuing to humble authority > leading strength in our church > trusting in God as our Shield and sovereign Protector > leading to blessedness. (1) God Is Our Strength (Psalm 144:1-2) (2) We Don’t Deserve God (Psalm 143:3-6) (3) God Is a Warrior (Psalm 144:5-8) (4) God’s Protection Leads to Worship (Psalm 144:9-11) (5) God’s People Are Blessed (Psalm 144:12-15)
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