Soli Deo Gloria

“Sing & Praise God’s Power” Psalm 21:1-13

An Expositional Sermon
Psalm 21:1-13
“Sing & Praise God’s Power”

Theme/Big Idea: God’s people sing & praise His power displayed in His work of salvation & judgment.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would powerfully work in each of our hearts to sing and praise His power and strength as we see His salvation and wrath.

(1) Praise God for His Work of Salvation in a King (Psalm 21:1-7)
(2) Praise God for His Work of Judgment (Psalm 21:8-12)
(3) The Life of God’s People Are Bound Up with King Jesus

Questions for Further Study and Application:

(1) How would you describe that verses 1-7 are fulfilled in Jesus Christ?
(2) How would explain that David’s expansive language of God fulfilling all the requests of the king and giving eternal life isn’t an exaggeration or poetic hyperbole, but rather an arrow pointing at the fulfillment of God’s covenant with David fulfilled in Jesus?
(3) How can you sing and praise God’s power exhibited in the salvation that is in Jesus Christ?
(4) In verses 8-12 who are the enemies of the king and of God?
(5) In what ways are you an enemy of God? How can we be saved from God’s wrath that we deserve for our rebellion against Him?
(6) On the believer’s union with Christ…how can we have eternal life?
(7) On the believer’s union with Christ…how was Christ crowned as king?
(8) On the believer’s union with Christ…how did Christ bear the fiery wrath of God and the arrows that were pointed in the faces of His people?
(9) Does your heart well up with praise to God for His just judgment?
(10) How did Christ disarm the rulers and authorities?
(11) Christ has already won our salvation…but we aren’t finally home yet. Do you eagerly long to see King Jesus face to face?
(12) How can Psalm 21 be an encouragement to us as we persevere in turning from our sin and trusting in King Jesus?
(13) Pray that God would make us worthy of His calling and that Jesus would be glorified in us and us in Him as we serve Him with our entire lives, submitting to Jesus Christ as our Lord and King.
(14) How can we rejoice in sufferings as we suffer for Christ?