Soli Deo Gloria

“My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” Psalm 22:1-31

An Expositional Sermon
Psalm 22:1-31
“My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Theme/Big Idea: God’s king faced abandonment in order to save the world.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: Ask God to open our eyes to the reality that King Jesus was forsaken by God for His people, so that if we would turn from our sin and trust in Jesus as King that we would never be forsaken by God. Jesus was forsaken so that His people would never be abandoned.

(1) The Roaring Lament of a Suffering King (Psalm 22:1-11)
(2) The Roaring Threat of the King’s Enemies (Psalm 22:12-21)
(3) The Roaring Expansion of the King’s Rule (Psalm 22:22-31)

Questions for Further Study and Application:

(1) What’s the clear teaching of the Bible? How is the Old Testament pointing to Jesus Christ? Covenant/Fulfillment, Analogy, Allusion, Type, Foreshadow. How does Psalm 22 point to Jesus Christ primarily?
(2) What are two of the ways that God fights his despair with hope in God?
(3) How does David not seek to build up his self-esteem or look within himself for strength to get through His sorrows? What or who does David look to for help in the midst of feeling forsaken?
(4) How is David’s cry of abandonment different than the times that we feel that God is distant from us? If David’s enemies are victorious over him and God’s promise of a King through David’s lineage fails what does that mean for David, for Israel and the whole world?
(5) Why would we have no hope for salvation from God’s just wrath that each of us deserve for our sin if God somehow didn’t establish David’s throne and lineage? Did God truly abandon David?
(6) What is God enthroned upon in verse 3?
If God didn’t establish David’s line would anyone How does David fight his despair of being a worm in comparisons with the fathers of Israel in verses 9-10?
(7) How is Psalm 22 the way that Jesus interpreted his crucifixion? What was Jesus claiming by owning the words of Psalm 22?
(8) How are the roaring threats of David’s enemies in verses 12-21 fulfilled in the opposition that Jesus Christ faced?
(9) What are some other passages in the Old Testament that is outlining the coming Davidic King as being a suffering servant? How would you describe that Jesus’ interpretation of Psalm 22 is rightly described as: “I am the king of Israel!”
(10) As David considered the roaring of enemies coming against him, how does he respond in verses 19-21?
(11) How is Jesus Christ’s being overcome by His enemies lead to the conquering of the enemies of God, the enemies of God’s king, and the enemies of His people?
(12) How is the second half of verse 21 fulfilled in Christ?
(13) Who ultimately is the worship leader of the congregation of God?
(14) How are the praises of God’s people the roar of the expansion of God’s kingdom through Jesus Christ? See Revelation 19:6-9.
(15) How is verse 31 a summary of the entire Bible? What is it that God has done and will do?