Soli Deo Gloria

“Jesus Demonstrates His Power” Matthew 8:1-9:38

An Expositional Sermon
Matthew 8:1-9:38
“Jesus Demonstrates His Power”

Big Idea: Jesus demonstrates His miraculous power to prove that He has authority to forgive sins and usher in the kingdom of heaven.
Application: R
espond to this passage by falling before the majesty of God, acknowledging your weaknesses and sins. Ask God to make you increasingly conscious of our weaknesses and sins that we would see that Jesus Christ alone is able to save us.

Sermon Outline
(1) Jesus Has Authority Over Creation
(2) Jesus Has Authority Over the Spiritual Realm
(3) Jesus Has Authority over Uncleanness and Sickness
Jesus Has Authority to Forgive Sin and Call Sinners to Follow Him
Jesus Has Authority to Claim to Be God’s Promised Messianic King