"Kingdom" Tagged Sermons

"Kingdom" Tagged Sermons

“Jesus Loves Children” Matthew 19:13-15

An Expositional SermonMatthew 19:13-15“Jesus Loves Children” Big Idea: It is good news that Jesus loves children, because He considers His people to be like the children.Application: Come to Christ, and bring children and friends to Christ with you. (1) Jesus’ Purpose for Your Inconvenience (Matthew 19:13)(2) Our Purposes and Jesus’ Purposes(3) Can God Save Infants?(4) Bringing Children and Friends to Christ

“Parables of the Kingdom” Matthew 13:18-58

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 13:18-58 “Parables of the Kingdom” Big Idea: In the parables Jesus is teaching us about the nature of God’s kingdom and what citizens of His kingdom are like. In this, Jesus is exhorting us to give up everything for the sake of the all-surpassing treasure of His kingdom. Application: Give up everything for the sake of gaining Christ and His kingdom. Repent and believe and be delivered from the domain of darkness and transferred them, us to…

“Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit” Matthew 12:22-32

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 12:22-32 “Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit” Big Idea: God’s kingdom has come in Jesus Christ. Be found in His kingdom by repentance and faith in the gospel. Application: Pray that God would give assurance to His people that they are His, and that we would take heed to God’s warning for those who oppose His rule. Sermon Outline (1) Jesus Is the Son of David (Matthew 12:22-23) (2) God’s Kingdom Has Come Upon Us in Jesus Christ (Matthew…

“Jesus Demonstrates His Power” Matthew 8:1-9:38

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 8:1-9:38 “Jesus Demonstrates His Power” Big Idea: Jesus demonstrates His miraculous power to prove that He has authority to forgive sins and usher in the kingdom of heaven. Application: Respond to this passage by falling before the majesty of God, acknowledging your weaknesses and sins. Ask God to make you increasingly conscious of our weaknesses and sins that we would see that Jesus Christ alone is able to save us. Sermon Outline (1) Jesus Has Authority Over Creation (2) Jesus…

“Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray” Matthew 6:5-15

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:5-15 “Jesus Teaches How to Pray” Big Idea: Pray for the glory of God and for the daily material provision and spiritual provision in the forgiveness of our sins for the glory of God. Sermon Outline (1) Pray Without Hypocrisy & Idolatry (Matthew 6:5-8) (2) Pray God’s Attributes (Matthew 6:9-10) (3) Pray Your Neediness (Matthew 6:11-12) (4) Jesus Came to Forgive (Matthew 6:14-15)

“Marks of Christ’s Kingdom Citizens” Matthew 5:1-12

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 5:1-12 “Marks of Christ’s Kingdom Citizens” Theme/Big Idea: The blessedness of citizens of the kingdom of heaven are visible in specific marks. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would help us to long more for Him because of this passage. Outline: (1) Christ’s Kingdom Citizens are Blessed (2) Marks of Christ’s Kingdom Citizens – Know Yourself (Matthew 5:3-6) (3) Marks of Christ’s Kingdom Citizens – Know Your Life (Matthew 5:7-12) (4) Live for the Blessed Hope of Christ’s Coming Kingdom

“Christ’s Herald” Matthew 3:1-12

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 3:1-12 “Christ’s Herald” Theme/Big Idea: Flee God’s wrath to come by turning from your sin and trusting in the one who John the Baptist pointed to, Jesus Christ. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Warning: God’s judgment is coming, repent and believe in Jesus Christ. Encouragement: Christ will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat, His people, into the barn. He will bring His people home to be with Him forever. He will surely do it. Cling to this. Outline: (1) God’s Herald Is Here (Matthew…

“Responding to Tyranny” Daniel 8:1-27

Theme: God rules history, His people will suffer beyond returning from captivity. Aim: Live soberly with the knowledge that this world is fallen. Pray that God will strengthen our hope with the knowledge that He rules history, and even if we are appalled by what we see, and horrified by what his people face, pray that He would set our hope on Him and His promise to finally give His kingdom to His people. 
 (1) God Rules History (Daniel 8:1-4, 20) (2) God’s People Will Suffer (Daniel 8:5-14, 19, 21-26) (3) How We Respond to Tyranny (Daniel 8:15-18, 27)

“Judgment of the Ancient of Days” Daniel 7:15-28

Theme: God will give His people His kingdom forever. Aim: Don’t despair in the face of suffering, persevere in waiting for Christ knowing that God keeps us firm in His grip and will finally and fully give us His kingdom. (1) God’s People React to God’s Word (Daniel 7:15-16) (2) God’s People Receive God’s Kingdom Forever (Daniel 7:17-18) (3) God’s People Are At War (Daniel 7:19-25) (4) God Gives His People All Dominion (Daniel 7:26-28)

“God Most High – Ancient of Days” Daniel 7:1-12

Theme: God is sovereign over all and will judge the nations. Aim: Be comforted and consoled as God’s people as we walk in exile in this world. The world will persecute you, and seek to destroy you, the world will lash out at God by coming against His people. If you trust in Christ that doesn’t mean you will live “your best life now.” Life here may not get easier if you trust in Christ, but your hope for God’s eternal kingdom will squelch out the empty promises of this fallen world. We will suffer, life will not be easy for God’s people in this world, but God’s perfect justice and judgment is coming. And He will usher His people into His eternal kingdom. (1) God Reveals (Daniel 7:1-3) (2) God Has Enemies (Daniel 7:4-8) (3) God Judges & Destroys His Enemies (Daniel 7:9-12)
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