Soli Deo Gloria

“How Pride Works” Daniel 4:1-37

An Expositional Sermon
God’s kingdom is a more powerful kingdom than the kingdoms of this world. Learn the lesson of pride through Nebuchadnezzar. Don’t be so slow of heart, hard hearted and prideful that you have to learn where pride leads through God’s judgment on you. Don’t be the type of person who cannot learn from God’s Word and work in the lives of others. Let God’s Word humble you. Pray that God would give you a heart of flesh, that is humble, and teachable. God’s crushing of Nebuchadnezzar’s pride led to Nebuchadnezzar’s repentance. Here is the good news of chapter 4. For even the most prideful in the world, there is hope of repentance. God is unstoppable in bringing His people to repentance. None can stay the hand of God. Not kings, not politicians, not terrorists, not CEO’s, and not us. All the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing. If you’re not a Christian and you’re here today, turn from your sin and trust in Christ. If Kings are nothing in the sight of God then why would you hold out in your pride? Do you have exhaustive knowledge of all things? Are you able to see everything? Are you able to say to God, “What have you done?” Beware of holding yourself in a higher position than God as if He is a dead thing on a table that we get to dissect and analyze. Beware of the deception of thinking you are in a place to judge God as if he were the defendant in a court of law. Friends, His ways are above our ways, and thoughts above ours. He made us, how can we the clay say to the potter: “You did not make me.” “You know nothing.” (Isa. 29:16), “What are you making?” or “The potter has no hands,” (Isa. 45:9); as if God was powerless. Friends, beware of the pride of putting yourself in a higher position than God. Learn humility from the humbling of Nebuchadnezzar. Fall on your knees in worship.