Soli Deo Gloria

“God’s King Has Dominion” Psalm 8:1-9

An Expositional Sermon
Psalm 8:1-9
“God’s King Has Dominion”

Theme/Big Idea: God’s people give Him praise for His majestic name in creating man and  fulfilling His promise of giving dominion in Jesus Christ.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: Grow in praise of Yahweh for His majesty displayed in the heavens and in all the earth, and in crowning humanity with glory and honor, and in fulfilling this text in Jesus Christ.

(1) God Is King (Psalm 8:1, 9)
(2) God Establishes His Strength Through Weak Things (Psalm 8:2)
(3) The Royalty of Man Lost and Restored (Psalm 8:3-8)

Questions for Further Study and Application:
(1) How would you describe that the name of the Lord is majestic?
(2) Does your heart swell with praise to God for His majestic name along with David?
(3) How is it that through the mouths of infants and babies the Lord establishes strength?
(4) Are you like a little child dependent and needy of Christ as your King and Provider?
(5) Why does God care about man?
(6) How does Hebrews 2 describe that Psalm 8 is fulfilled and applied to mankind?
(7) What does Psalm 8 have to do with the incarnation of Jesus Christ?
(8) How was the royalty of man lost in the first Adam?
(9) How was has the royalty of man been restored in the second Adam?