Soli Deo Gloria

“The Essence of the Kingdom” Mark 4:1-41

An Expositional Sermon
All through Mark 1-4 Jesus is showing His authority, and His kingship. He rules over men, over spirits, over disease, and here we see that he rules over all creation – the wind and the sea. Jesus seems weak – a man. He is the first sower (preacher) of the seed (the gospel). He is the light. He is the fulfillment of the Word that we must examine and measure our lives by. All hearts either submit to Him or reject him. He is the ultimate determiner of our identity. Who we are is defined either by our relationship to him or our rebellion against him. He saves His people. His kingdom has no end, and He builds His kingdom in and through His people. And as they come into the splendor of God’s grace through the gospel, their lives emit his light as we speak of Him. Friends bow before Christ. Trust in Him as your King.