Soli Deo Gloria

“The Coronation of the King of the Jews” Mark 15:1-20

An Expositional Sermon
John Wesley wrote about an experience he had with the King of England, “I was in the robe-chamber, adjoining to the House of Lords, when the King put on his robes. His brow was much furrowed with age, and quite clouded with care. And is this all the world can give even to a King? All the grandeur it can afford? A blanket of ermine around his shoulders, so heavy and cumbersome he can scarce move under it! A huge heap of borrowed hair, with a few plates of gold and glittering stones upon his head! Alas, what a bauble is human greatness! And even this will not endure.” [1] Do you ever think this about human greatness? It’s often so cheap.


[1] John Wesley, Inspiration 3, p. 119.