Soli Deo Gloria

“Hell” Mark 15:21-47

An Expositional Sermon
The next time you see a shirt or you hear someone say, “Des Moines Hell Yes,” ask them if the know what hell is. The irony of this phrase or even the old phrase, “Dead Moines,” is that without Christ these cultural quips will become a reality. Without Christ those who we love here in our city will face God’s eternal wrath. Christ bore hell for His people. If you don’t believe in the gospel, will you repent and believe in this gospel or good news today – right now even? Jesus died for you if you will only turn from your sin and believe in this good news. I’ll close with this line from the Christmas hymn Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent, “Rank on rank, the host of heaven, stream before him on the way, as the Light of Light, descending from the realms of endless day, comes, the powers of hell to vanquish, clears the gloom of hell away.” Praise God.

Richard Sibbes, Hell, Eternal Conscious Torment, The Cross, Crucifixion, Darkness, Wrath, Anger, Punishment, Substitute