Soli Deo Gloria

“Discipleship – God Disciples Us” Mark 3:13-14

A Topical Sermon
“Discipleship – God Disciples Us”

(1) How Did We Get to Where We Are?
1. God made us to know and be with Him, but we fell in sin and deserve His wrath
2. God calls and atonement must be made; God’s wrath must be propitiated
3. God became incarnate so that in Jesus Christ atonement and propitiation would be made for His people
(2) Specific Ways God Disciples Us
1. God disciples us by providing a substitutionary sacrifice
2. God disciples us by giving us His Word
3. God disciples us by calling His people to Himself
4. God disciples us by giving us His Holy Spirit
5. God disciples us through our trials
6. God disciples us through His people in the local church

Questions for Further Reflection:
(1) What or who are you a disciple of? Are you a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?
(2) Why does God choose a people for Himself? (see Deuteronomy 7:6-8 and Ephesians 2:4)
(3) Do you feel isolated and lonely? We were made for relationship with God, go to Him through Jesus Christ.
(4) Is it difficult for you to think that God would desire you to be with Him where He is? Why?
(5) Do you struggle with believing that God truly loves you, and will and will bring the good work He began in you to completion at the day of Jesus Christ?
(6) What is it in your life that is preventing you from coming to Jesus Christ, repenting of your sin, and casting your burdens upon Him?