Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Gospel Accounts (Page 10)

“What Does It Take to Accept God?” Mark 7:1-37

Theme: Accepting God requires obeying God’s Word, receiving a new heart, begging for God no matter who you are, and includes God opening your ears and influencing your mouth.
Aim: Pray for a new heart to love God, pray that He will purify us by His Word, that He will help us to come to Him no matter what we’ve done, no matter what our ethnic background is, and that He will powerfully open our ears to His Word and influence our speech.
What does it take to accept God?
(1) Obedience to the Word of God (Mark 7:1-13)
(2) A New Heart (Mark 7:14–23)
(3) Longing for God Regardless of Your Background (Mark 7:24-30)
(4) Have Your Ears Opened & Your Mouth Influenced (Mark 7:31-37).

“King of the Jews” Mark 6:30-56

Theme: Jesus is relentless in feeding, shepherding, healing, and saving His people, and He is the King promised to the Jews in the Word.
Aim: Know that Jesus is King, not only of the Jews, but also of us. By faith He is your king. You need not have any fear in the face of things that are fearful. He is good, trustworthy, and true.
(1) Jesus Is Relentless in His Kingly Mission (Mark 6:30-34)
(2) Jesus Is the King Who Is Able to Feed and Provide (Mark 6:35–44)
(3) Jesus Is King Over Creation (Mark 6:45-52)
(4) Jesus Is King Over Sickness (Mark 6:17-29)

“What Does It Take to Reject God?” Mark 6:1-29

Theme: Rejecting God consists in offense and unbelief toward God, a lack of love for God’s people, not listening to the Bible, refusing to repent, and pursuing unsatisfying pleasures.
Aim: See your unbelief, ask God to strengthen your faith, and trust in His ability to powerfully save you from the posture of underestimating that Jesus is mighty and true.
Here’s how we reject God…
(1) Be Offended & Don’t Believe in Jesus (Mark 6:1-6)
(2) 3 “Do Nots” (Mark 6:7-13)
a. Don’t Love God’s People (vv. 7-11, especially 11)
b. Don’t Listen to the Apostles/Bible (vv. 7-11, especially 11)
c. Don’t Turn from Your Sin (v. 12)
(3) Ignore Who the Bible Says Jesus Is (Mark 6:14-16)
(4) Pursue Weak Fleeting Pleasures (Mark 6:17-29)

“Jesus Has Authority” Mark 5:1-43

Theme: Jesus has authority over men, spirits, illness, life and death.
Aim: Lay down your life to worship Christ by killing the idols to which our heart too often clings.
Jesus has…
(1) Authority over those living among the dead (Mark 5:1-13)
(2) Authority that stirs up the community (Mark 5:14-20)
a. Beggar 1 – “Jesus, please leave.”
b. Beggar 2 – “Jesus, please let me be with you.”
(3) More authority than any physician (Mark 5:21-34)
a. Jairus’ request (vv. 21-23)
b. Woman with the discharge (vv. 24-34)
(4) Authority to raise the dead (Mark 5:35-43).

“The Essence of the Kingdom” Mark 4:1-41

Theme: God’s kingdom will be revealed, grows through God’s Word, is not to be underestimated, and has a King Jesus Christ.
Aim: To grow in our understanding about God’s kingdom and pray that He will use His Word to establish His kingdom in and through us.
(1) Parables & Sharing the Gospel (Mark 4:1-13; 21-22)
a. Parables
b. Sharing the Gospel – Evangelism
(2) Response to the Gospel (Mark 4:14-20; 23-25)
a. The Response of the People – 4 Soils
b. Two ways to live
(3) The Power of the Gospel (Mark 4:26-29)
(4) Don’t Underestimate God’s Kingdom (Mark 4:30-34)
(5) Jesus, The King of God’s Kingdom (Mark 4:35-41)

“The Unity of the Kingdom” Mark 3:7-35

Theme: The only source of true Christian unity is found in Jesus Christ alone.
Aim: That God would help us to grow in our unity as disciples and as a family through Jesus Christ.
(1) The Importance of Hearing (Mark 3:7-12)
(2) The Purpose of Discipleship (Mark 3:13-21)
(3) The United Kingdom (Mark 3:22-30)
(4) The Family of Christ (Mark 3:31-35)

“King of Rest” Mark 2:18-3:6

Theme: We need the new King Jesus Christ over our old cold, violent, sinful hearts.
Aim: We face sorrow and trials in our lives, but if we have Christ we have a rest that nothing can touch.
(1) New vs. Old (Mark 2:18-22)
a. Why don’t Jesus’ disciples fast?
b. The wedding guests
c. Unshrunk cloth & new wine
(2) New – The King of Rest (Mark 2:13-14)
(3) Old – Sinful Violent Hearts (Mark 2:15-17)

“King for Sinners” Mark 2:1-17

Theme: Jesus came for the sick, forgiving sin and calling sinners.
Aim: Jesus is a king for sinners who feel their need for him. You can’t have Jesus as your king unless you’re a sinner. If you refuse to acknowledge you’re a sinner, friend drop your guise. Drop your pride. Open your eyes and see your need in the face of the coming judgment of a holy God. Turn from your sin and trust in Jesus as your king.
(1) Jesus Forgives Sinners (Mark 2:1-12)
(2) Jesus Calls “Sell Outs” (Mark 2:13-14)
(3) Jesus Came for the Sick (Mark 2:15-17)

“King Jesus” Mark 1:16-45

Theme: Jesus rules over men, spirits, and illness, and His prayerful mission was to preach the gospel.
Aim: Turn from the empty kings of this world, and have Christ as your King.
Jesus is…
(1) King over men (Mark 1:14-20)
(2) King over spirits (Mark 1:21-28, 32)
(3) King over illness (Mark 1:29-34, 40-45)
(4) A King who prays and preaches (Mark 1:35-39)

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ” Mark 1:1-15

Theme: Jesus, the Son of God, is God, and Jesus is the good news that John looked forward to.
Aim: Go to the Word of God to learn who who Jesus Christ really is, then repent and believe in Him!
(1) Jesus Is the Good News (Mark 1:1)
a. The beginning of the gospel
b. Point of origin
(2) Jesus Is the Son of God (Mark 1:1b)
(3) Jesus’ Forerunner Foretold (Mark 1:2-8)
a. John the Baptist
b. Substance of John’s Teaching
(4) The Trinity and the Gospel (Mark 1:9-15)