Soli Deo Gloria

“King of the Jews” Mark 6:30-56

An Expositional Sermon
The irony in all of this is that in the Old Testament Israel asked God for a king, like the nations around them (1 Sam. 8:4-8). In doing that, they were rejecting God as their king (1 Samuel 8:7). In God’s lovingkindness though, He gave them a king, but His sovereign plan all along was to become their King through the Son of God, in the lineage of the king Israel sinfully asked for. God would be His people’s king. Nothing could stop that. In this text today we get a little more of a glimpse of what kind of a King Jesus is. He is the king of the Jews. He is the fulfillment of their Scriptures. He is the Messiah-King who leads His people in the Exodus from the bondage from sin and God’s eternal wrath. He the kingly provider, inviting us to come time him and eat at his banqueting table in the kingdom of heaven. He is the bread of life, the source of all sustenance. He is the ruler over the wind and the waves. He is to be feared by those who reject Him, but is the comfort and peace of those who come to Him in the face of the fears of this world and of this life. Is this your king?