Soli Deo Gloria

“God’s Word Strengthens His People” Daniel 10:1-21

An Expositional Sermon
God’s Word Strengthens His People”

Big Idea/Theme: God’s Word strengthens His people.
Application/Aim: Christians, followers of Christ, this is a dangerous world, don’t despair, don’t be afraid of fearful things, because of God’s love for you in Christ. And if you’re here this morning and you’re not a Christian, run from the scary things of this world by putting your faith in Jesus Christ alone for comfort. Don’t reject God and be found in the most fearful place for sinners like us, His eternal wrath. I plead with you, repent of your sin and trust in Christ, and in your weakness be strengthened by God’s word of love for His people. If you’re here today and not following Christ, the comfort of God’s love for His people can be yours if you would only turn from your sin and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
(1) Serving In Weakness (Daniel 10:1)
(2) Sight & Sound Makes Weak (Daniel 10:2-9)
(3) Touch & Word Strengthens (Daniel 10:10-14)
(4) God’s Love Helps Us Fight Our Fears (Daniel 10:15-21)

Talk about how God has encouraged you in the face of your weaknesses. Talk about evidences of God’s grace in your life. Talk about how Jesus Christ, God’s Word made flesh, is God’s ultimate expression of His love for His people. And set your hearts upon your hope in Christ together.

Questions for Further Reflection: 
(1) What kind of things do you feel that you need strength for?
(2) Are you desperate to see the glory of God displayed in the repentance and faith of our city?
(3) Have you ever heard someone say that God “speaks to them” or that they receive a “word from the Lord”? How would you respond? Hint: Encourage the conversation to move away from dreams/visions/impressions/opinions to the Word of God in the Bible.
(4) Are you humble before God? Does His power and majesty (displayed in His Word here and in His messenger to Daniel) bring you low and put you on your face?
(5) Do you feel weak at the sight of this vision described and at the hearing of God’s Word?
(6) God’s Word makes weak as it cuts to our hearts, and then it binds up our wounds and strengthens us to serve Him and have courage in the face of fearful things. How have you see God’s Word work like this in your life?
(7) Why don’t we pray more?
(8) Exult in the power of God as he sustains His people. Give praise to God that He has and always will keep His people and build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
(9) Are you weak and weary? Let your strength be refreshed in the dying love of Jesus Christ, and by His powerful resurrection from the dead.
(10) Are there evidences of God’s grace in your life? Make a list, and pray in thanksgiving to God for His kindness to you.
Luke 12:32: “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”