Soli Deo Gloria

“Yahweh Is Upright” Psalm 33:1-22

Big Idea: God has proved His righteousness in creation, in His sovereign rule over the nations, and in His love: praise Him.

(1) The Righteous Praise God (Psalm 33:1-3)
(2) He Made All Things (Psalm 33:4-9)
(3) He Rules Over the Nations (Psalm 33:10-17)
(4) He Loves His People (Psalm 33:18-22)

Application: Goodness, beauty and truth are  defined and grounded in the immutable nature of God’s righteousness. We praise what we think is beautiful. We praise what we think is good. We praise what we believe to be true. God alone is the definition of the good, the beautiful and the true.