Soli Deo Gloria

“The Government of the Churches of Christ” Chapters 5-6 by Thomas Goodwin

On Friday mornings at 5:30am we read through books by faithful Christians through from church history. We are currently reading through Volume 11 of Thomas Goodwin’s Works, “Of the Constitution, Right Order, and Government of the Churches of Christ.” 

Todays reading was from Chapters 5-6

Chapter 5: “That there are ordinances of public worship established in churches under the New Testament, which are to continue to the end of the world. ”

Chapter 6: “That by excommunication more is meant than bare casting out of the church. – That it is an ordinance of Christ, to deliver the excommunicate person to Satan in his name and power. – The rules which Christ hath given for church admonitions and censures.”

Goodwin, Thomas The Government of the Churches of Christ in The Works of Thomas Goodwin, Vol. 11 (Lafayette: Sovereign Grace Publishers, Inc., 2000), 37-49.