Soli Deo Gloria

“The Godly Man’s Picture” Thomas Watson (RBC THEOLOGY BREAKFAST)

Watson, Thomas. The Godly Man’s Picture. Carlisle: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1999.

This recording includes readings of chapters 1-3 and the first quality of chapter 4. Below is a list of the qualities from chapter 4:

1. A man of knowledge
2. A man moved by faith
3. A man fired with love
4. A man like God
5. A man careful about the worship of God
6. A man who serves God not men
7. A man who prizes Christ
8. A man who weeps
9. A man who loves the Word
10. A man who has the Spirit of God residing in him
11. A man of humility
12. A man of prayer
13. A man of sincerity
14. A heavenly man
15. A zealous man
16. A patient man
17. A thankful man
18. A man who loves the saints (church)
19. A man who does not indulge Himself in any sin
20. A man who is good in his relationships
21. A man who does spiritual things in a spiritual manner
22. A man thoroughly trained in religion
23. A man who walks with God
24. A man who strives to be an instrument for making others godly