Soli Deo Gloria

“Jesus Is the Son of God” Matthew 14:13-36

An Expositional Sermon
Matthew 14:13-36
“Jesus Is the Son of God”

Big IdeaJesus displays that He is the Son of God in compassion, satisfaction, calming fears, patience with the weak of faith and doubters, and by bringing broken sinners safely through sickness and trial.
Application: Jesus loves sinners. We are not in control. Venture on Christ, venture on Him wholly. 

Sermon Outline
(1) Jesus Shows Compassion (Matthew 14:13-14)
(2) Jesus Satisfies (Matthew 14:15-21)
(3) Jesus Encourages and Calms Fear (Matthew 14:22-27)
Jesus Is Patient With Weak Faith and Doubters (Matthew 14:28-33)
Jesus Miraculously Heals (Matthew 14:34-36)