Soli Deo Gloria

“Jesus Didn’t Know Everything” Mark 13:32-37

An Expositional Sermon
What do you live to? What are you living for? Why do people play sports? Yeah, we play for the fun of it, but don’t you play competitive sports to win? Why do you save up for retirement? So you can retire. Farmers plant with the goal of harvest. We go to school to graduate so we can get a job. We are always doing things because we’re looking to the future. When we think about the future it gives focus to our lives, it helps us set reasonable expectations, and it helps us to settle our affections and emotions in the process, because we can remind ourselves of what the goal is even though it’s tough now. If you run a marathon with the strategy of a 100 meter sprint you’re going to run out of energy and lose the race. If you run a 100 meter sprint with the strategy of a marathon you’re going to come in dead last. What we expect about the future helps us pace ourselves. This is what we’re considering this morning from Mark 13:32-37. Jesus’ return orients the Christian life and strengthens us to persevere.