Soli Deo Gloria

“Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry” Matthew 21:1-22

An Expositional Sermon
Matthew 21:1-22
“Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry”

Big Idea: Jesus Christ is King riding into Jerusalem to die for the ransom of many.
Application: Beware of spiritual hypocrisy, beware of spiritual blindness and self-deception, respond to Jesus’ authority by obeying and worshiping Him, for Jesus Christ alone has authority

(1) Jesus Christ Has Authority (Matthew 21:1-5)
(2) Respond to Jesus’ Authority by Obeying and Worshipping Him (Matthew 21:6-11)
(3) Beware of Spiritual Blindness Self-Deception (Matthew 21:8-16)
(4) Beware of Spiritual Hypocrisy (Matthew 21:17-22)