Soli Deo Gloria

“God’s People Go to Egypt” Genesis 42:1-50:26

An Expositional Sermon
The God of the Bible is not a God of the irrelevant hypotheticals. He is a God of reality; the God who is there. A God who is there, both in present reality, and rules over the events that will come to pass. As He looks at the span of events over time, He rules them all. There is no “plan B” with God. He is outside of time, and isn’t ruled by time, and yet He enters into time and is involved with and working all things to come to pass in time according to the purpose of His will for His glory, and our greatest good; which ultimately is His glory. We struggle with this. We tend to either try to domesticate God and make Him like us, limited and bound to time. Ruled by the things He has created. Or we tend to push Him outside of the things He has made and decide that even if He exists, He is irrelevant to us and the world. If we over emphasize God’s eminence – His nearness – we can be tempted to reject that He is ruling over all things. And if we emphasize His transcendence, we tend to think that God is irrelevant to our lives because he is so far away, so far above us. But the God of the Bible is both near in His immanence, and above all in His sovereign transcendence. And all of His being of who He is, is relevant to every aspect of our lives. He rules, but He’s also intricately involved in our lives and in the world. Even in places we wouldn’t expect a holy, wise, perfect, sinless God to be – ruling over sin, evil, the miseries and difficulties of this world for His glory, our ultimate good.