Soli Deo Gloria

“God Is Our Trust” Psalm 4:1-8

An Expositional Sermon
Psalm 4:1-8
“God Is Our Trust”

Theme/Big Idea: The joy and peace of God’s people is rooted in God, not their circumstances.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: Have God as the only source of your joy and peace in the face of the temptation to believe that these things come from men.

(1) God Is the Source of Peace (Psalm 4:1, 7-8)
(2) The Opposition and Emptiness of Supposed Good that Comes from Men (Psalm 4:2, 6)
(3) Pursue the “5-Fold Spirituality”… (Psalm 4:3-5)
(a) …trust in the truth that Yahweh has set His people apart (v. 3)
(b) …pursue to be angry/tremble/fear and don’t sin (v. 4)
(c) …have a “quiet time” (v. 4)
(d) …offer right sacrifices (v. 5)
(e) …always maintain an attitude of complete trust in God (v. 5)

Questions for Further Study and Application:

(1) What are some of the promises of God that you find your peace and joy in in the midst of trials? Where did you find these promises in God’s Word?
(2) How might relationships in the church serve as an instrument in God’s hand to encourage us in our pain?
(3) Is your joy fixed upon God and his giving of righteousness to His people?
(4) Where is your trust of safety coming from? God or other things? What are the ways you are tempted to place your trust and security in the things of the world? What truths from Scripture counter your temptation to put your trust in anything other than God?
(5) What/who is David’s glory/honor? “In rejecting David they are rejecting God and God’s promise of a king to come through David’s throne.” How would you support this statement from the Bible?
(6) How does our hope of joy, peace, security unchangeable if it’s fixed upon God? What are the things you boast about? How does this reveal where your trust truly is?
(7) “Who will show us some good?” (Psalm 4:6) How does this question tempt you to find the ground of your trust, joy, peace, glory, and security in supposed good that comes from men instead of God?
(8) How can you pursue to pray Scripture in the face of temptations to find trust in anything other than God?
(9) How can the benedictions that we read in the Bible be used as weapons to fight for faith? …even as David did with Numbers 6:26 to counter the lies by which many were being tempted?
(10) It’s worth it to give up the supposed good that comes from men to follow Christ. How would you support this statement from the Bible? If this is true what can you do to pursue it?
(11) What are the implications of praying that God look upon us if we don’t have a mediator? If we don’t have a hope of righteousness in Christ (great King David’s greater Son) as our mediator what would be the result of
(12) What’s your greatest problem? It’s God’s wrath for your sin. How can this be overcome? How can you find a hope in righteousness that comes from God alone?
(13) Are you able to say that you don’t deserve the righteousness that comes from God’s grace alone? How can you find hope and not despair in living in the light of God’s face?
(14) Do you see the 5 aspects of the “5-fold Spirituality” in verses 3-5? (see the sub-points to point 3 in the outline above) How can you use these 5 things to fight empty-glory, vain words, and lies in this world?
(15) How do you preach the truth of who God is to yourself in the midst of your trials and the confusion that is often accompanied by sin?
(16) How can you pursue God’s means of grace to fight the fight of faith in “offering right sacrifices”?