Soli Deo Gloria

“God Judges in Water” Genesis 5:1-10:32

An Expositional Sermon
Chapters 5-10 paint a picture of how He works for the salvation of His people in the midst of His wrath. This is a picture of Israel throughout the rest of the Old Testament. It’s through this people that God would preserve a remnant of those who would be His own. It’s a picture of the church, not a building, but of God’s people, and those who are part of God’s people are in the vessel of salvation, safe from harm. It’s a picture of those who are found in Christ, our ark. He is our protection. By faith in the death and resurrection of Christ we can be found in the only vessel that can ride safely out from the wrath of God. If you are trusting in Christ, if you’re a Christian, does your heart well up with thankfulness and gratitude at the thought of God’s salvation in the midst of His judgment. God will keep His promise to save His people, but He will also work perfect justice.