Soli Deo Gloria

“Church and State” 1 Timothy 2:1-7

An Expositional Sermon
1 Timothy 2:1-7
“Church and State”

Theme/Big Idea: God calls us to pray for all so that we might live quiet and godly lives.
Aim/Appropriation/Application: Let’s resolve to pray like this as a church because our hope is in the Mediator, Jesus Christ.

(1) Pray for All Men (1 Timothy 2:1)
Pray for All in High Positions (1 Timothy 2:2)
(3) Pray for Salvation for All (1 Timothy 2:3-7)

Questions for Further Reflection
Are you a close friend with someone you never talk to? If we have an intimate relationship with God, why is it that we struggle to talk to, and ask of Him?
(2) Why are we allowed to come to God’s throne of grace with “confidence” instead of fear of wrath?
(3) If you struggle with the attitude of “why do we pray so much at church”, friend, examine your heart. Beg the Lord to soften your dead affection for Him, let your thinking be colored by the truth that these opportunities were purchased and enabled by the blood of Jesus Christ.
(4) What do your prayers reveal about how you think about who God is and the scope of His reign and rule?
(5) Do you pray with the desire that God will pour out His mercy upon all mankind?
(6) Is the God in whom you trust a God who rules the cosmos and created all people in His image and likeness? Do your prayers reflect this truth?
(7) Does our church (or your church) pray for “all men” like this?
(8) Do you pray for your boss, your supervisor, or your husband? Kids, do you pray for your parents, your teachers, or your principal whom God has placed in authority over you?
(9) Does the fact that the text says that Jesus “gave himself as a ransom for all” mean that everyone has been purchased back to God and no one needs to fear the wrath of God in hell? If this is what the text means it would be “universalism”, and Paul clearly teaches against “universalism”. So, it means that if anyone would be saved they must find the ransom price for their life only and exclusively in Jesus Christ. He is the only hope of salvation for all, if they would repent and believe.
(10) Pray for repentance and faith in the gospel for your street, neighborhood, community, city, region, state, nation, and to all nations.