Soli Deo Gloria

“Baptism” Romans 6:1-14

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A Topical Sermon (our normal preaching is expositional)
The physical act of immersion in water is done as an appeal for a good conscience to God. Baptism doesn’t save, and Peter isn’t saying that it does. He even says baptism doesn’t have the power to wash us clean, to wash away our sins, like the removal of dirt from the body. Baptism points to faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. This is another reason why baptism is only for believers. If you don’t see your sin, if you haven’t experienced conviction for your sin, and you aren’t confessing your sin and asking God to forgive you for your sin through the death and resurrection of Christ, you shouldn’t be baptized. Salvation is by faith alone, through the work of Christ alone. What can wash away your sin? Can immersion in water in front of a church? No, nothing but the blood of Jesus. If you struggle with assurance of salvation, be encouraged by looking back at what your baptism represented, not the fact that you were baptized. Look back, and remember your faith in Christ. Remember the power of God in the gospel for the salvation of those who believe. Remember the pain and sorrows our Lord took for us. Remember God’s electing love that He set upon all those who believe. Remember God’s grace to you in sending Christ. Remember what your baptism corresponded to – faith in Christ, an appeal for a good conscience washed clean through the blood of Christ. And then look at the present. Are you trusting in Christ today? Is the gospel of Jesus Christ still your hope?