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Baptism & Local Church Membership in the New Testament

Overview of these “Baptism Resources”…
There are a number of aims of these “RBC Baptism Resources”. First, to consider what the Bible teaches about baptism. Second, to consider what RBC has taught and communicated about baptism in the past. And, third, to consider what Christians have taught about baptism throughout history. It is our prayer that these resources might be helpful for building one another up in Christ, equipping the believers for the work of the ministry issuing to the glory of God alone. The aim is not to lose the forest for the trees, so please see this link to see a summary of how we pursue to obey how the Bible would have a local church make disciples baptizing.

Baptism’s Relationship to Local Church Membership in the New Testament – At this link you’ll find an audio recording and a pdf copy of a manuscript of our senior pastor teaching on how Baptism and Local Church Membership is connected in Scripture. This is the first a number of catechism type questions.
Question 1: Where in the New Testament do we see a relationship between baptism and local church membership?
Answer 1: All throughout the New Testament. Then he walks through how the Bible does this:
(1) In the Teaching of Jesus
(2) In the Acts of the Apostles
(3) Observation 1: Disciples Are Always Connected to Local Churches
(4) Observation 2: Brothers Are Connected to Local Churches Throughout the New Testament, and
(5) Observation 3: Binding Brothers Is Connected with Making Disciples who are Part of Churches.

You can download a pdf of the text of the manuscript for this talk at the link to read as you follow along, and for further study.