Sermons from November 2017

Sermons from November 2017

“Faith Without Works Is Dead, Part 1” James 2:14-19

An Expositional Sermon James 2:14-19 “Faith Without Works Is Dead, Part 1” Theme/Big Idea: Faith in Christ is not lovelessness and mere belief. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Show your faith in the way you love one another. Outline: (1) The Faith that Can’t Save (James 2:14) (2) Fake Faith Lacks Love (James 2:15-17) (3) Fake Faith Believes Like Demons (James 2:18-19) (4) Show Your Faith in the Way You Love

“Favoritism vs. Love” James 2:1-13

An Expositional Sermon James 2:1-13 “Favoritism vs. Love” Theme/Big Idea: We are free through Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would grow us to be merciful because we know His powerful mercy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Outline: (1) Beware of Partiality & Judgmental Distinctions (James 2:1-4) (2) Love Because of God’s Promise of an Inheritance (James 2:5-7) (3) Live As Those Who Are to be Judged Under the Law of Liberty (James 2:8-13)

“Hearers & Doers of the Word” James 1:19-27

An Expositional Sermon James 1:19-27 “Hearers & Doers of the Word” Theme/Big Idea: Don’t only hear what the Bible says, but have it shape every aspect of how you live. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would save us from self-deception and bear fruit in our lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Outline: (1) Doers Are Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak, & Slow to Anger (James 1:19-20) (2) Doers of the Word Are Blessed (James 1:21-25) (3) Embrace True Religion (James 1:26-27)

“Blessed Are the Steadfast in Trials” James 1:12-18

An Expositional Sermon James 1:12-18 “Blessed Are the Steadfast in Trials” Theme/Big Idea: God brings forth his people by the gospel, so remain steadfast. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would help us to remain steadfast in our love for God, because He has first loved us by sending His Son to die for us. Pray that God would help us fight our unbelief in trials with the truth that God is good and that He is unchangeably able to save. Outline: (1) Blessed…