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Luther’s “Bondage of the Will” – Refutation of Arguments in Support of Free Choice, Part 3

Martin Luther’s “De Servo Arbitrio/On the Bondage of the Will” in “Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation” in The Library of Christian Classics, Ichthus Edition Translated and Edited by Philip S. Watson in collaboration with B. Drewery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The Westminster Press, 1969 Pages 205-219 This reading covers the following sections: Part III. Refutation of…

“Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray” Matthew 6:5-15

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:5-15 “Jesus Teaches How to Pray” Big Idea: Pray for the glory of God and for the daily material provision and spiritual provision in the forgiveness of our sins for the glory of God. Sermon Outline (1) Pray Without Hypocrisy & Idolatry (Matthew 6:5-8) (2) Pray God’s Attributes (Matthew 6:9-10) (3) Pray…

“The Certainty of God’s Promises” Hebrews 6:13-20

An Expositional Sermon Hebrews 6:13-20 “The Certainty of God’s Promises” Guest Preacher: Steven Leatherbury Outline: 3 reasons the Christian can have assurance in the promises of God: (1) Because of the Character of God (2) Because of the Purpose of God (3) Because Christians Have Been Made Secure for Eternity