"Bible" Tagged Sermons

"Bible" Tagged Sermons

“The Arrogance of Kings” Isaiah 36:1-37:38

Big Idea: Beware of the arrogance that leads to a distrust of God’s promises. (1) You Can Trust God (Isaiah 36:1-21)(2) Seek Rest from Threats in God’s Word (Isaiah 36:22-37:7)(3) God’s Word Does Not Deceive You (Isaiah 37:8-13)(4) Seek Safety by Going to God in Prayer (Isaiah 37:14-20)(5) God Saves Judah (Isaiah 37:21-38). There is a battle on for our souls and the arrogant kings of this world under the power of Satan will not overcome the kingly dominion God.

“A More Powerful Word than the Word of Man” John 1:14

Big Idea: The only word that is able to overcome and silence the cacophony of words in this world is the Word of God who became flesh, Jesus Christ. 1. The Expulsive Power of a Greater Word (John 1:14)2. Jesus Christ is the Word Who Will Judge the Hearts of All Men (Revelation 8:1; Psalm 63:11; 1 Corinthians 4:5)

“The Regulative Principle”

A Topical Sermon“The Regulative Principle” Big Idea: Jesus rules His church through His Word in the Bible.Application: Pray that God would help us to rightly honor Him by not going beyond what He has said in the Bible together in our church. God’s Word is authoritative for all of life, and this morning we’re specifically considering how it is authoritative for the gathering of the local church.  (1) God’s Word Alone Binds the Conscience(2) God’s Word Commands Membership & Attendance…

“God’s Authority & His Word”

A Topical Sermon“God’s Authority & His Word” Big Idea: God rules over all things by His Word.Application: Give your life to hearing God’s Word. (1) God’s Name Is “Yahweh”(2) God Creates by His Word(3) God Rules by His Word

Luther’s “Bondage of the Will” – Introduction & Review of Erasmus’ Preface, Part 2

Martin Luther’s “De Servo Arbitrio/On the Bondage of the Will” in “Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation” in The Library of Christian Classics, Ichthus Edition Translated and Edited by Philip S. Watson in collaboration with B. Drewery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The Westminster Press, 1969 Pages 117-134 This reading covers the following sections:(d) God’s Foreknowledge; Contingence and Necessity(e) Should Divine Truth Be Kept from Common Ears?

“God’s Glory in Creation & Word” Psalm 19:1-14

An Expositional Sermon Psalm 19:1-14 “God’s Glory in Creation & Word” Theme/Big Idea: God is glorified in creation, in His Word, and in redeeming a people in Jesus Christ. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would help us to sing more fully of God’s glory in the things He has made and done, that we would sing of God’s glory as we behold His Word in the Bible, and most of all that God would ‘give us the light of the knowledge of the…

“The Bible Alone” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

An Expositional Sermon 2 Timothy 3:16-17 “The Bible Alone” Theme/Big Idea: Scripture is God’s Word and is authoritative and sufficient for life. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Ask God to help you see that reading, knowing, and cherishing this book is more important than eating food, even as Jesus quoted Moses (Deut. 8:3), “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4; cf. Luke 4:4) Outline: Introduction: How would you respond if God appeared before you…

“Continue in the Bible” 2 Timothy 3:10-15

An Expositional Sermon 2 Timothy 3:10-15 “Continue in the Bible” Theme/Big Idea: The gospel is sufficient for the past, present and future. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that God would strengthen us to know this trustworthy guide of the sacred writings that are able to make us wise unto salvation. Outline: Introduction: The Difficulty of Stagecoach Travel In Iowa in the 1800’s 1. The Gospel Is Sufficient for the Past – What We Followed (2 Timothy 3:10) A. Teaching – 1 Cor. 1:23; 15:3-8; 5 “faithful sayings” (1)…

“Final Instructions in the Faith” 2 Timothy 1:1-4:22 (Overview)

An Expositional Sermon 2 Timothy 1:1-4:22 (Overview Sermon) “Final Instructions in the Faith” Theme/Big Idea: Christ stands by and guards His people, so we live and suffer based on our love for Him rooted in the Bible, guarding the gospel, and standing by those in chains. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Build your life upon your hope in Christ and nothing else. Outline: (1) Christ Guards Us, So Guard the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:1-2:26) (2) Avoid Nominal Christians (2 Timothy 3:1-9) (3) Love Christ’s Appearing by Living on the…

“What Godliness Looks Like” 1 Timothy 4:6-16

An Expositional Sermon 1 Timothy 4:6-16 “What Godliness Looks Like” Theme/Big Idea: Godliness looks like being a waiter, gym rat, doggedly devoted to the Bible, and a practicing life. Aim/Appropriation/Application: Pray that we would find it a joy to devote ourselves to Christ as He grows us in godliness. Outline: (1) Waiter (1 Timothy 4:6) (2) Gym Rat (1 Timothy 4:7-10) (3) Doggedly Devoted to the Bible (1 Timothy 4:11-14) (4) A Practicing Life (1 Timothy 4:15-16) Questions for Further Reflection (1) What’s the first and foremost way that an…
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