Soli Deo Gloria

“Our God Is a Consuming Fire” (Exodus 19:1-25)

An Expositional Sermon
“Our God Is a Consuming Fire”

Big Idea: God is a consuming fire who graciously covenants with His people.
Application: Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as the only backfire we can have to avoiding the coming judgment of God’s fiery wrath.

(1) God’s People are Betrothed to God (Exodus 19:1-9a)
Movement 1: God fulfills his promise to bring Israel to Sinai/Horeb (vv. 1-3; cf. 3:12)
Movement 2: God proposes to His people (vv. 4-6)
1. Conditioned on their obedience (v. 5)
2. God owns all things (v. 5)
3. 3 marks of God’s people (vv. 5-6) : (i) treasured, (ii) kingdom of priests, (iii) holy nation
Movement 3: God descends in fire so the people believe and remember Moses’ teaching

(2) God’s People Prepare for God’s Arrival (Exodus 19:9b-15)
1. Need for consecration, cleansing and to be washed
2. The seriousness of God’s Word

(3) God Powerfully Arrives
(Exodus 19:16-25)