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Baptism & The Church In Matthew

Membership & Baptizing
Introduction to this Series…
There are a number of aims of these “RBC Baptism Resources”. First, to consider what the Bible teaches about baptism. Second, to consider what RBC has taught and communicated about baptism in the past. And, third, to consider what Christians have taught about baptism throughout history. It is our prayer that these resources might be helpful for building one another up in Christ, equipping the believers for the work of the ministry issuing to the glory of God alone. The aim is not to lose the forest for the trees, so please see this link to see a summary of how we pursue to obey how the Bible would have a local church make disciples baptizing.

In this particular recording and the attached manuscript you can find what the eldership of RBC has taught about the relationship between church membership and baptizing from the Gospel According to Matthew. As you can see the last edit date of the attached manuscript is January 6, 2016. This is the first thing taught to all potential members at RBC at the beginning of the first member class. Our member classes is where we teach those who want to covenant together with us in church membership how we as a church believe the Bible would have us live together as a church. In this session the aim is to show how “binding” in visible church membership is related to “making disciples” by baptizing them. Making disciples is equivalent to the work of binding which is visibly done in baptism (if one has not been previously baptized as a believer).