Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Bread of Life

“King of the Jews” Mark 6:30-56

Theme: Jesus is relentless in feeding, shepherding, healing, and saving His people, and He is the King promised to the Jews in the Word.
Aim: Know that Jesus is King, not only of the Jews, but also of us. By faith He is your king. You need not have any fear in the face of things that are fearful. He is good, trustworthy, and true.
(1) Jesus Is Relentless in His Kingly Mission (Mark 6:30-34)
(2) Jesus Is the King Who Is Able to Feed and Provide (Mark 6:35–44)
(3) Jesus Is King Over Creation (Mark 6:45-52)
(4) Jesus Is King Over Sickness (Mark 6:17-29)