Soli Deo Gloria

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“Anxiety & the Trustworthiness of God” Matthew 6:25-34

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:25-34 “Anxiety & The Trustworthiness of God” Big Idea: Fight anxiety by seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness. Sermon Outline (1) Do Not Be Anxious About Your Life (2) What “Anxiety” Isn’t (3) What “Anxiety” Is (4) What Can Kill Our Anxious Spinning? (5) Seek First God’s Kingdom & Righteousness

“Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray” Matthew 6:5-15

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:5-15 “Jesus Teaches How to Pray” Big Idea: Pray for the glory of God and for the daily material provision and spiritual provision in the forgiveness of our sins for the glory of God. Sermon Outline (1) Pray Without Hypocrisy & Idolatry (Matthew 6:5-8) (2) Pray God’s Attributes (Matthew 6:9-10) (3) Pray…