Soli Deo Gloria

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“Beware of False Teachers” Matthew 7:15-20

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 7:15-20 “Beware of False Teachers” Big Idea: Truth is not always obvious to us. Outward appearances easily deceive and we can be easily duped. This is one of the most difficult aspects of living life in a world corrupted by sin, you can’t believe everything you see and hear. There are those…

“Count the Cost of Following Christ” Matthew 7:12-14

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 7:12-14 “Count the Cost of Following Christ” Big Idea: All roads bring us to the end of our journey in this life, but in reality there are only two paths. One that leads to life and one that leads to destruction. Jesus came to blaze the only way, road, or path that…

“God Is Generous” Matthew 7:7-11

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 7:7-11 “God Is Generous” Big Idea: Jesus is teaching us that God the Father is a generous God. Obey the command of Jesus Christ to ask for His kingdom, seek His kingdom and knock on the door of His kingdom trusting that He will give it to His people through faith in…

“Anxiety & the Trustworthiness of God” Matthew 6:25-34

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:25-34 “Anxiety & The Trustworthiness of God” Big Idea: Fight anxiety by seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness. Sermon Outline (1) Do Not Be Anxious About Your Life (2) What “Anxiety” Isn’t (3) What “Anxiety” Is (4) What Can Kill Our Anxious Spinning? (5) Seek First God’s Kingdom & Righteousness