Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Messenger

“Judgment of the Ancient of Days” Daniel 7:15-28

Theme: God will give His people His kingdom forever.
Aim: Don’t despair in the face of suffering, persevere in waiting for Christ knowing that God keeps us firm in His grip and will finally and fully give us His kingdom.
(1) God’s People React to God’s Word (Daniel 7:15-16)
(2) God’s People Receive God’s Kingdom Forever (Daniel 7:17-18)
(3) God’s People Are At War (Daniel 7:19-25)
(4) God Gives His People All Dominion (Daniel 7:26-28)

“How Idolatry Works” Daniel 3:1-7

Theme: The world wants you to worship empty things.
Aim: Understand more of how idolatry works, and flee it through hope in Christ.
(1) Man-Made & Seeks a Congregation (Daniel 3:1-3)
(2) A Herald Accompanied by Music (Daniel 3:4-5)
(3) Opposition is Threatened (Daniel 3:6)
(4) People Fall Down and Worship (Daniel 3:7)