Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons on Accept God

“What Does It Take to Accept God?” Mark 7:1-37

Theme: Accepting God requires obeying God’s Word, receiving a new heart, begging for God no matter who you are, and includes God opening your ears and influencing your mouth.
Aim: Pray for a new heart to love God, pray that He will purify us by His Word, that He will help us to come to Him no matter what we’ve done, no matter what our ethnic background is, and that He will powerfully open our ears to His Word and influence our speech.
What does it take to accept God?
(1) Obedience to the Word of God (Mark 7:1-13)
(2) A New Heart (Mark 7:14–23)
(3) Longing for God Regardless of Your Background (Mark 7:24-30)
(4) Have Your Ears Opened & Your Mouth Influenced (Mark 7:31-37).